Legislature resumes March 18. Election could be called that day!

The Government has announced that the Legislature will resume with a Speech From The Throne on March 18. It is quite possible that the Premier will dissolve the Legislature and call an election as early as that day. This is probably very tempting for the NDP as it would allow them to enter the campaign without presenting a budget which as we all know would reflect a fiscal disaster for Albertans. We fully expect a cynical attempt to avoid drawing attention to their disastrous 4 years in office and a campaign filled with innuendo and name-calling. We will be presenting a common sense platform that restores the Alberta Advantage while protecting the services Albertans need.

The UCP and the VoteLeela team will be ready! With over 150,000 members the UCP is by far the largest provincial political party in Canada. In fact, the over 58,000 members that have voted in UCP nomination contests is more than the total membership of all the other Alberta  provincial parties put together. We have a positive vision for Alberta and will not hesitate to stand up proudly for our Province.

See the links on this page to volunteer, request a lawn sign, or donate. There are generous tax credits available for supporting the political process. Thank you for your support.

The key to unlocking Alberta’s potential is giving people the freedom to do what they do best.

Leela Sharon Aheer


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